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Infected 2030 Cast, Movie, Release Date, Review, ErosNow, 2021

Infected 2030, Cast, Movie, Release Date, Review, ErosNow, 2021 and Explained by Top20Movie.com

Infected 2030 is an Indian Hindi Language Movie Directed by Chandan P. Singh. It is a Romance, and Drama and Suspence Movie. This Movie has been made under the banner of Eros Now. It is available on the Movie Eros Now.

Infected 2030 Plot

The story of this movie is based on the year 2030 and the story of a couple who struggles with loneliness amid an epidemic. Shivika is virus infected and is undergoing treatment at home due to lack of beds in the hospital. And her husband is with her. Shivika is not allowed out of the room, and Manik sees her only after wearing PPE gear (Personal Protective Equipment) and mask to protect herself from getting infected. Will they be able to survive this situation together. Will Manik be able to save his wife from this virus? Watch movies to know.

Infected 2030 Cast

Chandan P. Singh

Infected 2030 Cast

Noyrika Bhateja

Infected 2030 Cast

Infected 2030 Review

The story of the movie is simple and engaging, and at the same time the audience sees the current epidemic crisis and lack of medical facilities for the treatment of the virus in India. How the virus-ridden person feels in loneliness and misses human contact, and Manik has nothing to talk to him about as he is stuck in the routine – giving him drugs and food to keep him alive .

Chandan P. Singh and Noirika Bhateja both portray their roles with conviction. They express more with their actions and feelings than dialogues. All told, ‘Infected 2030’ is one of the stories that tells the current state of the world. The subject of a pandemic that had a serious impact on a nation and its people could be dealt with through a deeper understanding of the subject and deeper research. If only the director had invested more time and deeper analysis to fully understand his audience for this short film.

Infected 2030 Release Date

20 May 2021

Infected 2030 Movie Watch

You can watch this series on the available on Eros Now in Hindi language.

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