Day Dreamer Web Series
Day Dreamer Web Series

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Day Dreamer is a Turkish TV Hindi Language Web Series Directed by Çağrı Bayrak and Written by Aslı Zengin. It is an Romance,  Family,  Drama,  Dubbed,  Web Series, Turkish TV, Web Series. This Movie is made under the Produced by Gold Film

Day Dreamer Plot

This web series, Dedemar, revolves around the life of a small town girl named Sanam who has been given two difficult choices in life. One has to marry his neighbor and settle his life and the other job is to find a job and start earning. And so Sanam makes tough choices and applies for a job in an advertising agency. She thought that the nightmare had been left behind by her and she could now carry on past love and relationships, but she did not know what awaited her new job. What is going to happen next Did she fall in love?

Day Dreamer Cast

Sanem Aydın Divit as Dimet etzdemir
Can ymen as can devine
E Zalem Tokaslan as Mewkyab Aydin
Sihan Erkan as Muzaffar “Zeberset” Kaya
Öznur Serçeler as Leyla Aydın Divit
Beht Yenmilzz as Nayyid Aydin
Birand Tunka as Emre Divot
Sevin Yasser as Eileen Yukselen
Anıl ıelik as Cengiz “Ceycey” emzdemir
Derived keskin as tuenke kumral
Serene Taskin as Ayan Isik
Sibel Osman as Gillies Yeldrium
Tuan Tunli as Metin Avukut
Ali Yasik Usman as Isk
Toga Barracklaki Akif
Asuman umanakır as Ayuman Kaya
Ouzuz Ocul as Ryfat
Farah Baku Guler Melahat
Ahmet Somaras as Azeem Divite
Kima Göké rectangle as Pollen
Aise Akain as Aziu Tit
The rest as ventiftçi Levant Divit
Aslam Melissa as Uzun Gamze
Div Peck Tenolke as Huma Divat Irdmar
Dilka Serbet as Aika
Utu Ete as Utit
Somet Hoka as Tufan Gunnakan
Gamde Topuz as Seda
Rizgür berzberk as Enzo Fabri

Day Dreamer (Erkenci Kuş) Country


Original release26 June 2018
Running time120 minutes
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