charm sukh web series, ullu, cast, crew, all episode explained by
charm sukh web series, ullu, cast, crew, all episode explained by

Charm Sukh Web Series, Ullu, Cast, Crew, All Episode Explained by

The Charm sukh web series is an Indian Hindi language web series. This web series has 17 parts and these 17 parts have been created and written by 9 directors. It is an Eroic, Drama and Suspense Web Series. ULLU created this web series.

Charm Sukh Web Series Storyline

charm sukh web series, ullu, cast, crew, all episode explained by

The story of the Charm Sukh web series revolves around a vigin girl who calls her lover to read at home.

She was depressed after teasing everyone that if you never did, you wouldn’t know anything about the girl’s life.

Her boyfriend has a bad thinking about girls and he guesses what the girl wants. He tries to ki*s her, but the vigin woman refuses him.

The girl was very good in nature but her mother was equally devious. When the girl’s mother meets her daughter’s lover, her heartfelt sensation is awakened.

Later, series two (the girl’s mother and the girl’s boyfriend) live together for several nights. For further information see Web series.

Charmsukh ( Salahkaar )

Friends, Ullu has once again announced the release of Salahkar, the new part of the charmsukh web series, to the public. Charmsukh’s well-known web show is once again a topic of discussion with Salahkar. Mishti is again playing the lead role and has again become the important reason behind the promotions. It is becoming very popular among the audience with its performance. The show will quench the thirst of the audience with its release on 21 May 2021.

Charmsukh Salahkaar Plot

The story of this web series revolves around a newly married couple. The man brings his wife Mishti Basu from his home. They lead a happy life until a friend of the man suggests asking her whether his wife is satisfied with him. He did the same and found out that he was failing to give proper time during physical intimacy.

Charmsukh Salahkaar Trailer

The trailer of this web series is getting a lot of praise from audience. The trailer of this web series 1:47 minutes long was viewed 414,404 times on 18 May 2021 and aired with 12K likes in a few hours.

Charmsukh Salahkaar Release Date

release on 21st May 2021.

CharM Sukh Web Series All Episode

Episode No.Episode NameDirector
Episode 1Mom & DaughterSol Kohli
Episode 2Ek Khwaab SuhaagratShubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 3BehrupiyaShubhobroto Sengupta
Episode 4Karna Zaruri HaiRohit Anand
Episode 5HighwayRohit Anand
Episode 6Pajama PartyPravin Raja
Episode 7Kaamwali Bai Part 1 & Part 2Pravin Raja
Episode 8Degree Wala TeacherPravin Raja
Episode 9SaudaGaurav Panjwani
Episode 10Sautela PyaarGaurav Panjwani
Episode 11Telephone BoothAmit Khanna
Episode 12Humse Na Ho PayegaAmit Khanna
Episode 13Trapped Part 1 & Part 2Sameer Salim Khan
Episode 14PyaasGaurav Panjwani
Episode 15Jaane Anjaane Mein Part 1 & Part 2Sameer Salim Khan
Episode 16Sx EducationBhavin Wadia
Episode 17 Flat 69SSK

Charm Sukh (Cast & Crew)

EpisodeCast (Actors & Actresses)
Mom & DaughterRajsi Verma
Ruby Bharaj
Nikhil Arora
Ek Khwaab SuhaagratNitesh Mishra
Pallavi Mukherjee
BehrupiyaSaumya Tiwari
Nidhi Mahawan
Karna Zaruri HaiVdyut Xaviier
Kasturi Chhetri
Dinesh Parmar
HighwayFarooq Khan
Supriya Shukla
Saad Baba
Pajama PartyVihan Verma (Rahul)
Kajal (Neeta)
Gaurav Kumar (Sam)
Jayati Thakar (Dancer)
Kaamwali Bai Part 1 & Part 2Aarohi Dike (Paro)
Garima Maurya (Richa)
Jay Zaveri (Sameer)
Degree Wala TeacherAnwar Fatehan (Trustee)
Abhay G Shankar (Gupta Sir)
Mahima Gupta (Puja)
Priya Sachan (Dolly)
SaudaRohit Sharma (Hironmoe)
Ira Soni (Sumedha)
Trisha Choudhary (Apeksha)
Sautela PyaarDevashish (Anthony)
Rajsi Verma (Seema)
Swasti Kapur (Ritu)
Ashwin Kaushal (Joseph)
Telephone BoothRimjhim Das (Amita)
Rajat Bhasin (Karan)
Gaurav Sharma (Jeet)
Humse Na Ho PayegaLuviena Lodh (Rashmi)
Anshul Bammi (Ansh)
Amit Thakur (Kishor)
Trapped Part 1 & Part 2Nidhi Mahavan (Pinky)
Joshua Chhabra (Nandu)
Anvesh Bansal (Nilesh)
PyaasShivam Khajuria (Boyfriend)
Babita Anant (Mother In Law)
Khwahish Matthew (Bhabhi)
Puja Mukherjee ( Sister In Law )
Jaane Anjaane Mein Part 1 & Part 2Amit Jaitley (Husband)
Jinnie Jaaz (Wife)
Manoj Dutt (Father-in-law)
Archana Shukla (Mother-in-law)
Sx EducationManvi Chugh (Sudhi)
Rajsi Verma (Swarna)
Rahul Sharma (Jatin)
Flat 69Thea D’souza ( Garima )
Shalini Sahay ( Jonita )
Lolit Phulwani ( Sidharth )

Charm Sukh Release Date

charm sukh web series, ullu, cast, crew, all episode explained by

13th March 2019

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