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Bribe Web Series Ullu, Cast, Watch, Mx Player, Release Date

Bribe Web Series, Ullu, Cast, Watch, Mx Player, Story and Explained by

The Bribe web series is an Indian Hindi language web series directed by Deepak Pandey. This is a drama fantasy-style web series. This web series is created by Ullu Banner. Below is the complete information related to the ullu web series.

Bribe Web Series Storyline

The story of this web series is the story of a woman named Padma, who tried to make a pension for the treatment of her father-in-law, but due to lack of money, the pradhan’s head took her strength and did wrong with her. Padma has HIV AIDS. Due to wrongdoing with Padma, the entire village succumbed to HIV AIDS.

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Bribe Web Series Cast

Leading actors-: Hemant Chaudhary, Megha Gupta, Dev Vyas, Harshita Gaur

Hemant Chaudhary

Megha Gupta

Harshita Gaur

Bribe Web Series Release Date

25 December 2018

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